Warframe Tier List 2021 – Choosing The Best Warframe

Last Updated on August 15, 2021

Warframe Tier List 2021 – Warframe meta is always evolving, there are changes, nerfs, and adjustments all the time. Newer players have trouble finding out what’s best for them. I tried searching for the same and the first page of Google was full of sites that have never even played this game. It’s sad to see that sites such as GamesRadar are also doing such things.

Warframe Tier List 2021

So with experience, I’ve put up this list that will help you out if you are just starting. This list will also cover the best tanky frame, best defence frame, best spy frame along with a brief of the best suitable for the particular mission.

Do remember that this doesn’t actually have to reflect your gameplay. You can play with whatever frame you want to.

Best Tank Frames

Inaros or Inaros Prime

Inaros is the only frame in the game having more than 4000 health, this frame can easily take a beating and survive. If you have the right build, you can always get energy and health back to back. Run a Scarab Swarm + Rage build in high-level missions, the best part you can leech health out of enemies whenever you run out. If there’s a lot of enemies shooting at you, you can always use Desiccation to blind your enemies.


Nidus is one of those amazing frames which can survive high-level missions and deal damage as well altogether. The 1 ability called Virulence can stack up to 100 to deal a lot of damage, you can literally 1 shot level 150 enemies when the stack is full. Also, the 4th ability called Ravenous spawns an infested area which creates a pool of healing along with some infested maggots that will deal a lot of damage.

With the right build, you can run Nidus for almost all missions in the game.

Rhino or Rhino Prime

This shouldn’t come as a surprise for anyone at all. Rhino is the OG frame, the all-rounder which can be used in all high-level missions at all times (Upto 100ish). There’s Rhino Buff that boosts damage for all teammate abilities, then there’s Iron Skin which helps you tank the damage dealt by enemies. Lastly, there’s Rhino Stomp which can be used as great crowd control ability.

Best Frames for Spy Missions

Ivara or Ivara Prime

Ivara is the best spy mission frame, but to make it best you need the right energy build along with the Infiltrate Augment. Infiltrate makes sure that with Prowl you can pass around security barriers such as lasers unaffected. The normal movement speed is really decreased while Prowl is active. The movement speed bonus scales with ability strength.

Loki or Loki Prime

You can obtain the non-prime version of Loki since the prime variant has been vaulted for a long time. Loki is the only pure stealth frame in this game with the highest invisibility times given you are running the right duration build. Loki can also be used for CC, If you have the Irradiating disarm augment you can use it to disarm all the enemies while dealing radiation damage. But Loki is rarely used for normal missions, it’s better to use it for spy/sabotage missions only.

Best Defense Frames

Below are a few frames that you can run for defense missions. Keep in mind that you need the right build for it.

Banshee or Banshee Prime

Best damage-dealing frame in the game, combine this with the Rhino Buff and a support frame that heals you. You can clear defence tiles easily, just make sure you have the Resonating Quake augment in your build. Another useful ability is Sonar which reveals crit spots of enemies. If you are low on health, you can always use Silence to escape from high-risk areas.

Mesa or Mesa Prime

Mesa the gunslinger is all about that 4th ability. Press 4 and shoot, boom everyone is dead. Not only a damage dealer, but Mesa can also tank damage thanks to the Shatter Shield. With the right duration build, this frame is also one of those all-rounders.

All the opinions written in this article are mine, your choice might be a little different. But your choices/opinions won’t be ignored, just comment below and I’ll be happy to add your views in the article.

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