Total War Three Kingdoms | Game Looks Blurry – How To Fix

Last Updated on October 22, 2020

Total War : Three Kingdoms has finally arrived and it has already managed to garner some good feedback from the community. But there is a problem. The game appears to be a bit blurry and the textures look washed out. So is this a bug or this is how the game actually looks? If this is a bug then is there a fix to this? What is the reason for the game to look this blurry?

Total War Three Kingdoms | Game Looks Blurry – How To Fix

Why Total War Three Kingdoms looks blurry?

The first thing you will notice after starting Three Kingdoms is that the game looks blurry and there are also some problems with the textures. This is the problem with the Anti-aliasing that the developers have implemented in the game. Looks like they didn’t work on the visuals that much. Even on the highest settings the game looks unimpressive compared to the other games that released this year.

Is there a fix to this blurriness?

Unfortunately, there is no permanent fix to this problem. It is a issue that can be fixed from the developers side only. Despite running Total War Three Kingdoms on a RTX 2070 at max settings, we couldn’t manage to fix the issue. Mortal Kombat 11 and Rage 2 had similar problems. The blurriness in Mortal Kombat 11 got fixed the very next day after the launch whereas Rage 2 still has the problem. Right now it looks like the only thing you can do to fix this blurriness in turn off anti-aliasing completely.

Remember, the game won’t look blurry after turning off anti-aliasing but you will have to deal with jagged edges.

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