ScourgeBringer | Complete Damage Tips and Guide

Last Updated on October 22, 2020

ScourgeBringer has finally left its Early Access, and is now available for players on steam. In this guide, we will take a look at some Tips to deal the most damage. It will hopefully aid you in optimizing your game-play and get the most out of your attacks. Check it out!

Complete Damage Guide and Tips for ScourgeBringer

Basic Sword Attacks

The sword attack is your most basic form of damage, and you will get it from the start of the game. Use it and throw caution to the wind often since it has no limitations. Most suitable for close combat and close ranged battles overall. Use it to airstall and charge your dash skill.

While attacking an enemy in mid-air, it will help you in staying still making your attacks more precise.

You can increase the sword damage by the use of Blood Altar perks and the items you pick up or purchase. Purchased items will buff it by 5%, and If used correctly, you can become a formidable player!

Basic Dash Attacks

After Sword, This is the second most basic for of damage. Press shift (Default key) and dash forward quickly. It has a very short cool-down making it usable ever so often. The damage is less than the sword, but the rest of the recharge and attacking mechanics are the same, so use it well.

Heavy Attacks

As for most heavy attacks, this one is also slow but high in damage. it can be paired with any basic sword or dash attack to deal massive damage. You can parry and counter attacks dealing decent damage, when properly upgraded.

Common Combo: Press the dash button + heavy attack buttons in succession. You can experiment around and find a combo that suits your playstyle best.

Ranged Attacks (Blast.32 Revolver)

A high damaging ranged weapon as the name suggests. The damage of the Revolver is a bit more that that of the sword. The Magazine consists of 6 rounds, with another mag in the form of an energy bar which recharges as you kill more enemies.

Pair this revolver with a proper upgrade and any other ranged weapon like a machine gun. This will enable you to deal devastating amounts of damage to enemies in quick successions.

Fury Attacks

Fury attack is kind of like your ultimate move. it does damage to 4 enemies together and deals a tonne of damage. You can wreak havoc by just button-mashing and clearing entire rooms with it. The only drawback is that you can only use it 2 times per level. The charge time is also pretty large making it a calling card for emergencies only. Fury attack is unlocked on the skill trees second level on the left side, three upgrades inside it.

That is all we have in offer in this guide for ScourgeBringer | Complete Damage Tips and Guide. For more of such posts, keep an eye out. Thanks for reading and we will see you in the next one!

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