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Our Aim at Configs.PRO is to bring latest news and updates along with all the updated PRO settings to all the gamers across the globe. Being a gamer myself, I know how important of an impact the settings can make to your gaming performance. We collect all the information available around related to all gaming peripherals and configurations of PRO players and put it in one hub that you can check out.

We are working on information wikis as well for RPG/Other FPS Games. The links can be followed below.

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What is Configs.PRO

Configs.PRO is a website made by a group of gamers who research about everything PRO Gaming related and put it in one place. We research everything related monitors, the right gaming mouse, keyboards and the gaming peripherals that are used by the PROS. This site has been created by CS veterans back from 2006.


The information on the website is complied from various sources. The sources include official streaming channels of PRO players, their social profiles and other websites. We place everything together along with the peripherals used by them.

The information is updated time by time to make sure everything is accurate.

Choosing the best?

Just because your favorite PRO player uses a certain keyboard or mice doesn’t mean that you will feel comfortable using it or your gameplay will improve using it. It is always recommended to try out something before going for it, also read reviews before buying a mouse/keyboard/monitor. We also have a reviews section that you can check out.

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