Doom Eternal | How to Fix Tab Button Not Working

Last Updated on October 22, 2020

Is the Tab Button (Dossier) Stuck for you in Doom Eternal? In this Fix, we will show you how to make it working again. Simply follow the steps carefully, and enjoy issue-free gameplay. Read on…

How to Fix Tab (Dossier) Button Not working in Doom Eternal

Cause for Tab getting stuck

Pressing ALT+TAB starts the issue in the first place. If you specifically have a secondary monitor, this issue becomes prominent and the TAB can get stuck often.
Here are some fixes to get around this problem. Check it out…

FIX 1: Re-Opening the game window

  • Make sure to press LEFT ALT ONLY. This fixes the issue most of the time and you can now freely use the Dossier.

FIX 2: Change or Turn off your secondary Monitor

  • Secondary monitors are the main cause for this issue.
  • You can try to temporarily disable that and try only on primary.
  • Set the first Monitor as your primary monitor and use that only, then test by pressing ALT+TAB.

FIX 3: Using Secondary Commands

  • Set a secondary command for the Dossier (TAB Button)
  • After doing this, press it to make the Tab button working again.
  • This is a neat little trick you can use without the combination of key shortcuts to fixing the issue.
  • In our example, we set it to the “~” (Tilde) Button.

That is all we are sharing in this guide. Feel free to leave your input in the comments below. Thanks for reading and we will see you soon.

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